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MEA Hydraulic Compressors

Mobile Energy Australia’s Hydraulic Compressors are perfectly suited for many industrial applications – Civil Construction – Service Maintenance Vehicles – Mining Industry. Compatible with all your air tool & air supply needs. Mobile Energy Australia’s Hydraulic Compressor systems deliver a reliable source of air supply, CFM & pressure on demand. These systems have been professionally engineered to be light weight, compact, powerful & highly efficient.


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SMAC H Hydraulic Rotary Screw Compressors

Mobile Energy Australia’s SMAC H Range of Hydraulic Service Maintenance Air Compressors have been designed specifically designed to be extremely sturdy & robust in order to withstand rough handling, which is typical of the service maintenance industries. The SMAC has been manufactured using steel & zinc corrosion protection with a powder coated finish making the SMAC H range an constant, reliable & hardworking source of powerful air supply.

Model Max. Hydraulic Flow Max. System Pressure CFM @ 100 psi Max Air Pressure Dimensions
(W x L x H {mm})
43 L/min 180 bar 40 CFM
150 psi 458 x 852 x 821
84 L/min 180 bar 90 CFM
150 psi 505 x 873 x 902
150 L/min 180 bar 160 CFM
150 psi 629 x 1259 x 1103


Dynaset HK 400 14CFM

Mobile Energy Australia’s Dynaset HK 400 Hydraulic 14CFM Compressors are completed with piston block. HK-units comprise frame-intergrated pressure reservoir, relief & safety valves, pressure gauge as well as automatic rotation speed control valve. HK-compressors are designed to meet basic compressed air requirements such as energising of pneumatic hand tools, cleaning & air flushing of small quarry drills.

MEA_Hydraulic-Dynaset HK 400 Hydraulic 14CFM Compressor_SPECS

VMAC Predatair 40 CFM & 60 CFM

Mobile Energy Australia’s VMAC Predatair 40 CFM & 60 CFM Hydraulic Compressors are equipped with a remote digital LCD control unit, meaning operators can monitor hydraulic & compressor oil temperature, pressure, system hours & error logs – for on-the-spot analysis & troubleshooting. The PREDATAIR range of hydraulic compressors is designed with a standby mode that helps maximize service intervals & system life. When you stop using air, the system goes into standby. When you start using air again, the system automatically restarts, generating the air you need. This saves you fuel costs, maintenance costs & wear on your hydraulic system.

BOSS Infinity 45 CFM & 60 CFM

BOSS Infinity 45 CFM & 60 CFM Hydraulic Compressors rotary screw design guarantees continuous output of up to 60 CFM at 150 PSI. High output at relatively low GPM translates into the most efficient, quiet & reliable system in its class – designed to handle virtually any underground mining application. Compact, strategically designed systems, the Infinity 45 CFM & 60 CFM Hydraulic Compressors integrates all major components on a single frame, which is enclosed in a tough, weather-resistant canopy.


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Mobile Energy Australia's Hydraulic Compressors are perfectly suited for Civil Construction & Mining Industry applications